Cameron Park Zoo

Faducci is proud to announce the completion of 6 animal sculptures to be installed at the entrances to the Cameron Park Zoo, in Waco Texas. These 6 notable sculptures will be joining the natural beauty of the Cameron Park area and the Brazos River sculpture garden corridor. Faducci is honored to be chosen to sculpt a Northern White Rhinoceros, a Giraffe, a Bengal Tiger, an African Lion, a portrait piece of the two Orangutans that actually live in the zoo and an Ornate Spiny Tailed Lizard which is indigenous to the local environment. Each sculpture is intended to remind visitors to the zoo of the beauty and uniqueness of each species, and the importance of conservation. It is our intention to provide a platform for education regarding conservation, visuals that embody the character of the animals with a whimsical playful approach and  to create a gathering place for families and friends. The 6 sculptures will be installed later this year.